Organic Womens Probiotic - (150g)


Certified Organic, and specially formulated for women of all ages, this Organic Womens Probiotic is packed full of fermented wholefoods and was designed to be easily digested and absorbed by the body.

Organic Woman Blend contains a list of ingredients high in iodine which have been carefully selected to support the thyroid, and is designed to meet the daily nutritional needs of women who would like that little extra support in maintaining good health.

This probiotic is for Women of all ages. From pre-teen, to pregnancy, to menopause and beyond.

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Womens Blend probiotic for women


This Organic Womens Probiotic contains carefully selected foods that are rich in nutrients to support the female body’s delicate hormonal system, vaginal health and immune functions.

The modern world is a harsh environment for good bacteria, which can be depleted without our knowledge. We must consume probiotics daily to maintain the balance of microbes in our guts and keep ourselves functioning at our best level! From pre-teen, to pregnancy, to menopause and beyond, this Womens Probiotic can give you support and is easily absorbed for daily gut support, and is safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Our probiotics for women are made with Certified Organic foods and are prepared under strict laboratory specifications to provide you with the highest quality probiotic available.

The food in this womens probiotic is the most bio-available you can find! We use real organic bacteria to do a natural fermentation process so that vitamins and minerals are delivered in their purest form. You can feel good about buying this product because the ingredients are foods you know, with nothing artificial added and nothing taken away.

Made without gluten or dairy to make it healthier than most other products on the market today!

This probiotic is for women of all ages, from pre-teen, to pregnancy, to menopause and beyond.
The Organic Woman blend supports a woman’s naturally balanced hormones, making it safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Benefits of Organic Woman Blend

  • Specially formulated for women
  • High in Iodine to support the thyroid
  • Certified Organic
  • Supports Vaginal Health
  • Designed to be easily Absorbed by the body
  • Easy to mix
  • This Womens Probiotic is made without gluten, dairy, GMO, colours, flavours, preservatives or fillers


Who would benefit from supplementing with this Womens Probiotic?

With ingredients high in Iodine, this Womens Probiotic is perfect for those who would like extra support maintaining not only their digestive health, but also their general well-being.


Spirulina*, Adzuki Beans*, ChickPeas*, Mung Beans*, Lentils*, Pomegranate, Chia Seeds*, Quinoa*, Sunflower Kernels*, Dandelion Root, Goji Berries*, Queen Garnet Plum, Sweet Potato*, Cinnamon*, Beetroot*, Broccoli*, Cabbage*, Parsley*, Spinach*, Molasses*, Lactobacilli*.


*Certified organic ingredients.


Made with vegan, gluten free foods and contains no dairy, GMO, colours, flavours, preservatives or fillers.



Servings per container 60
Serving size 2.5g
Energy 41.7kj 1668kj
Cal 9.95 398
Protein 0.64g 25.9g
Carbohydrate 1.45g 58.1g
Sugars 0.3g 12g
Fat Total 0.16g 6.5g
Fat Saturated 0.027g 1.1g
Sodium 3.75mg 150mg


First time users start with one eighth of a teaspoon and gradually increase to half a teaspoon in the morning and half a teaspoon before bed. You can eat it directly from a spoon, stirred into a glass of water, added to a smoothie, with favourite recipes or sprinkled directly on food.


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