L-Theanine (60 caps)


Looking for a quality L-Theanine supplement from the UK?

Found naturally in both green and black tea leaves, L Theanine is an amino acid that has long been associated with calmness, relaxation, creativity, focus, and better mood.

Through supplementation, users can get high levels of L Theanine into their body, without experiencing issues normally connected to consuming large amounts of tea, such as digestive discomfort, and hyperness from caffeine.

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Looking for an L-Theanine supplement from the UK?

L-Theanine is a natural amino acid found in green and black tea. It has been researched thoroughly for its potential calming properties, which make it often included as an ingredient into popular health drinks or nootropics to help you relax without feeling drowsy!

Theanine, L-Theanine or gamma glutamylethylamide is an amino acid similar in structure to Glutamine which makes up our bodies’ most abundant naturally occurring protein.

Originally extracted from green tea leaves, L-Theanine is considered the Ying to caffeine’s Yang, calming and sedating the user rather than promoting hyperness normally associated with consuming caffeine.

Studies show that Theanine, an ingredient in natural foods like tea and coffee can increase production of alpha brain waves which are the type associated with increased creativity and mood, along with better sleep.

Because of this, L Theanine is often used in modern day Nootropics, which are products which are marketed to increase thinking, learning, and creativity.

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Benefits of supplementing with L-Theanine

  • Potential calming sedative effect
  • Used in most high quality health drinks and nootropics
  • May increase alpha brain waves which improve mood, focus, and creativity
  • Potentially effective at improving sleep
  • L-Theanine supplied the UK


Who would benefit from using L-Theanine?

L-Theanine could be beneficial to anyone that is looking for a natural alternative to coffee, or someone looking for assistance in improving mood and creativity.


Additional information

Weight 0.046 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm


Active Ingredients per capsule: L

Theanine 200mg, Certified organic

lavender flowers 100mg

Directions for use as per label

Take 1 capsule twice daily with food or as

directed by your healthcare practitioner.


• Store in a cool dry place below 25°C

out of direct sunlight.


• Keep out of reach of children.

• Do not use if tamper evident seal is

broken or missing.

• Ensure lid tightly closed after use.


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