WaveWall Flip Anti-Radiation iPhone Cover


The WaveWall Flip anti-radiation phone cover for iPhones incorporate a unique anti-radiation fabric to shield you from the harmful radiation produced by your mobile phone.

Available for iPhone 6/6S and 7.



Independent testing has shown that the WaveWall Flip Anti-radiation iPhone cover reduces mobile phone radiation by over 85%.

The WaveWall Flip Anti-Radiation iPhone cover protects your:

  • phone from bumps and scratches
  • head from mobile phone radiation when in use
  • body from mobile phone radiation when not in use

WaveWall cases incorporate a unique fabric constructed from metallic fibres.

Whenever your mobile phone is switched on, this metallic fabric protects you from harmful radiation.

The WaveWall case stops radiation from reaching your body but it does not interfere with your device’s signal. This is because the protective fabric is only situated on the side of the case that goes next to your body.

Click here for more information on the effects of mobile phone radiation.

These handmade, high quality, faux leather covers also come with a 24 month durability guarantee.

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