WaveWall Airtubes – Anti-Radiation Ear Phones


WaveWall Airtubes stop radiation reaching your head.

Conventional headphones use wire cables which conduct radiation from your phone to your head. WaveWall Airtubes use hollow flexible air tubes to transmit the sound from your phone to your ear. This protects you from the harmful radiation.

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WaveWall Airtubes protect you against mobile phone radiation.

Mobile phone radiation has been linked to male infertility and cancer, especially brain cancer.

You may not be doing enough if you are simply using a hands free kit. Headphone wires conduct mobile phone radiation and transports it straight to your head. WaveWall Airtubes – Anti-Radiation earphones use hollow tubes to transmit the sound to your ears, preventing radiation reaching your head.

WaveWall Airtubes

Whether you are walking, traveling or exercising, everyone needs protection from mobile radiation.

These anti-radiation in-ear earphones are sleek, stylish and comfortable to wear. The sound is crisp and clear and they come with a built in microphone for hands free calling.

Protect yourself and order your anti-radiation headphones now.


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