Natural Health Practitioners and Therapists

The Safe Remedies Ltd product range is very popular among natural health practitioners and therapists and we work with a number of them throughout the UK and further afield.  We are very easy to work with, whether you would like to hold your own stock, order on behalf of your clients, refer your clients directly to us or do all of these in combination.

If you are a qualified health practitioner or therapist you can register with us online to receive professional information on our product range as well as product discounts.


If you are a natural health practitioner or therapist and would like to know more about Safe Remedies Ltd’s range of natural food supplements including our exclusive ‘Practitioner Only’ products please register your details with us here:



What next?

Once your registration has been approved you can take advantage of our practitioner discounts and affiliate program. You also have the option to add your details to our Natural Health Practitioner database. This database can be used by our customers who are looking to find a practitioner local to them. You can check out our ‘Find a Practitioner Near You’ search here:



Having problems registering?

If you are having problems registering your practitioner details with us, please contact us here: