Hair Screening

Safe Remedies has partnered up with Bionetics to offer one of the most advanced Hair Tests available in the UK

Why You Need A Hair Scan

For quite some time now, we have been looking for a way to help our clients understand what could be causing the problem they are experiencing, or what it is that is preventing them from overcoming that problem.

We believe we have now found this with the Cell Wellbeing Hair Screening and Environmental Statement.

The Cell Wellbeing Hair Screening actually covers 5 areas

Through the study of cellular weaknesses, known as ‘Epigenetics’, we are able to produce your personal Environmental Statement which will highlight areas of cellular weakness, such as:

Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Amino Acids

Chemicals, Metals, Radiation

Bacteria, Fungus, Parasites, Virus

Foods and Food Additives to avoid

Wifi, Mobile, Electrical Devices etc

Each Environmental Statement contains details of which of the many factors listed have the highest probability of significance from the hairs that were screened at that time.

They are listed in order of priority to make it easy to understand and use the data to change your dietary and nutritional environment to one which promotes better gene expression and influences cellular optimisation.

To view a sample Environmental Statement please click here.

Why choose Cell Wellbeing's Hair Screening with Environmental Statement?

Using the latest German technology we are able to offer a fast, affordable and non-invasive screening that will highlight which environmental factors may be impacting on your cellular optimisation.

  • Get results back within 1 day of us receiving your hair sample
  • Costs as little as £54.99 (£59.99 if a hard copy of your results is required)
  • Only 4 hairs are required to perform the screening and can be done in the comfort of your own home.
  • Results are received in a clear, easy to follow Environmental Statement
  • A telephone consultation with our Nutritional Advisor is included

The Cell Wellbeing Hair Screening with Environmental Statement is a quick, affordable and non-invasive way to find out what daily environmental factors are influencing your cellular optimisation.