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The Healing Power of Nature

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Safe Remedies Ltd

The Healing Power of Nature

At Safe Remedies, we pride ourselves on sourcing some of the world’s best and purest natural health food products and supplements. We are extremely proud to serve our great customers and anyone else who may be looking for assistance in maintaining or improving their general health and well-being.

Safe Remedies Ltd was originally formed in 2000 by Don Chisholm & Alan Scambler. Don had suffered for many years with ill health, with the final straw coming when he was so ill that he had to cancel his own 50th Birthday Party! After exhausting all medicinal treatments, Don decided to turn to natural health food products to improve his general health and well-being.
Soon enough, not only did Don’s physical ailments disappear, but his health had improved so much that he was able to start enjoying sports and other physical activities!

Wanting to spread this newfound knowledge to fellow sufferers of ill health in the UK, Don met Alan, and Safe Remedies was born!
Now 20+ years later, Don has returned to his homeland of Australia to continue to spread his message and knowledge, Alan is soon to retire, and Safe Remedies is in the safe hands of Sally, who is passionate to continue supplying the world’s best natural health products and supplements.

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