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Bionetics Hair Test

Safe Remedies has partnered with Bionetics Ltd, the UKs first commercial hair testing company

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Why take a Bionetics Hair test?

We’re now able to offer one of the world’s most advance and effective tests, encompassing food sensitivities, pathogenic stress including toxins and nutritional requirements including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Unlike other tests on the market, the price of the test also includes and 15 consultations with a fully trained nutritionist, who will help you understand your report and answer your questions.

So why hesitate? Use this test to help become a healthier you.

Taking the Bionetics Hair Test is as simple as this:

After purchasing your Hair Test online or over the phone you will be sent an envelope containing an application form, instructions on what you need to do, a pair of sterile tweezers, a small envelope to place the hair sample and a return envelope so that you can send everything back to us. (you will need to pay the return postage based on how quickly you want us to receive it)

  1. Fill out the application as fully as you can in BLOCK CAPITALS so that there is no delay in the administration process of your test.
  2. Take your hair sample by pulling at least 4 hairs taken from the back of the head/nape of the neck. If this isn’t possible you can use hairs from the underarm, arm or leg. Hairs need to have the root still attached. It is best to pluck the hairs in the direction of growth to achieve this.
  3. If you dye or perm your hair, you can still complete the hair screening but please leave a minimum of 5 days after treatment before taking the hair sample.
  4. Your results will be sent out via email (or by post if you have if you have chosen this method) within 5 working days of us receiving your hair sample and completed health assessment.
  5. Our qualified nutritionist will then be in touch to arrange your free 15-minute telephone consultation to go over your results and report.

    If you require any additional support from our nutritionist, you can book additional consultations at an additional cost. However, if you read through your report and write down your questions in preparation of your consultation then 15 minutes is usually enough time.

The Bionetics Hair Test Can Help You Find Issues or Intolerances You May Never Have Known About!

Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids

Chemicals & Hydrocarbons, Toxic Metals, Radiation

8 Assessed

115 Foods Tested

We even offer a FREE 15-minute phone consultation and email support should you wish to discuss your results with an expert and learn how to make positive changes to your health.

Our Experts will take you through your report explaining it in detail.

From there you can make adjustments in your lifestyle or eating habits to help resolve your underlying issues. Should you decide to follow the 3 stage programme, we will ensure that you understand each and every aspect of it.

Why choose Bionetics Hair Test?

  • Using the latest German technology, we are able to offer a fast, affordable and non-invasive screening that will highlight factors may be impacting on your foundation of health.
  • Get results back within 5 working days of us receiving your hair sample
  • Costs as little as £59.95 per test!
  • Only 4 hairs are required to perform the screening and can be done in the comfort of your own home.
  • Results are received in a clear, easy to follow personalised report
  • A telephone consultation with our Nutritional Advisor is included

The Bionetics Hair Screening Test is a quick, affordable and non-invasive way to find out what daily environmental factors are influencing your cellular optimisation.